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"Water likes measured yet so intensively with the most deceased investigation methods durchstöbert, in which water trial concern observes, and analyzed become.  The "water corpse" brought so to the investigation never becomes in the daylight and never its law reveal can.  Only out of the remarks of moved water, some ends can be pulled and can be surmised.  The deeper regularities are however in the internal of the organism earth and in bound form in the interior of the forms verborgen." 
Viktor Schauberger (waiter Austrian forest)

There is no life which did not connect with circulation and metabolism of the earth. There is no independence.  The dependence of the water is especially significantly.  The body weight of the person consists to ca 65% of water; that in the cell consists of 80% water.  We know that into about the same ratio with regard to the distribution of water surfaces and country surfaces on the earth appears. 

Water and person: 

*Water is the temperature regulator of the human body. 
* The function of the energy carrier and information carrier has water
* Water provides for pressure balance between cells and tissue
* Water serves us in the digestive tract as a source means. 
* Water transports our metabolism products off
* Water moistens our eyes and respiratory tract
* Protection offers water for the child in the womb
* Water is principle component of our blood, the Lymphflüssigkeit and the between cell fluid.  

The capacity of the water to receive information, is for living organisms of special importance: To the one, water functioned be inserted as an information mediator in the organism itself (Resch/goods man), to the other vital information of outside over the water into the metabolism process.   

Water is the start of all life.  Almost all myths of the creation begin with the emerging of life and the earth out of the Urwasser.  According to researches life developed from actually water and had also the person as a development step a being in that with the water.  The human fetus thrives yet today in the amniotic fluid of the mother.  

After Celtic delivery, the boat of our ancestors with the deceased against west was knocked into the lakes.  So how the sun passes in the west and becomes in the East reborn, believed one the rebirth out of the "children lake".  The word soul has its origin out of the word lake.  Out of it, the children come and if we die go we again into the lakes back. So we find children well, rascal source, Kinderbründl, etc. in Europe yet today.   

At the Celt, the Weltesche Yggdrasil – the life tree - became honors.  This tree had three roots and at every of these roots, a well was: 1) the Urdar-well of the three Nornen Urd, Verdandi and Skuld that water the branches of the tree.  The Nornen were the hats groove of the life water, the donors and estuary groove of life and became honors as a Fruchtbarkeitsgöttinnen or implored as obstetricians around aid.  At this well, the aces, the Germanic Gods, its power got themselves and held court.  2) the Mimirsbrunnen, after the showing Mimir named.  Out of this well, one took the water of the wisdom and here got himself the giants power and wisdom.  3) the Hvegenir that rustling old boilers of the death God Hel got themselves at that the underworld power. 

The number of the holy rivers and sources in Europe is large and its life contribution, healing effect becomes in the legends and legends praised and/or described by Greek and Roman authors.  The answer for these divine gifts, life and well-being, was the worship of the divinity that were sensed behind the living waters.   

This worship of the sources and well in our landing was already in prehistoric time an important element life of religious.  The water stepping forward mysteriously out of the ground in Germanien and Gallien divine powers were attributed became these nature appearances, and/or later the wells and sources dwellings by divine beings.  Holy sources enspringen in the protection of holy trees.   

Churches, chapels and cloisters took often a source to the foundation occasion.  In the deutschsprachigen room, we find yet today many small and large sanctuaries and place names with -brunn, that continue the old tradition of the source cult: zB:  Brunn at the mountains, Mariabrunn, Maria Fieberbrünnl, Maria hall., Maria protection in bath Leonfelden etc., in most rampart trip sorts we find serves a holy source, you as a center of its cult to the healing of body and soul.   

Because out of the holy sources a water with much life energy and abundant information flows, it is extraordinarily importantly that such sources learn its attention and an attentive contact, so that this wealth does not get lost.   

Healing power becomes many sources for the eyes, that body repeated or for the soul.  As a rule each (Heil-)Wassers influences every person differently.  If you take the well-being water, you thank its intellectual leadership (the mother nature or mother of God , according to your belief view) for this healing water.