Holy Springs

Well-being source and their effects in BAVARIA


Altmühldorf: The Kronwidlkapelle (to the painful Maria) is beneath the cloister Ecksberg.  The holy source bubbles vis-à-vis the entrance.  Well-being source against eye sorrow (wash out the eyes) 

Altötting:  It is believed in here a well-being strong water because it flows directly over a relic of the holy.  It is told that the for favor of the holy doorman of Altötting helped again and again.  Actually it does not concern in the water around "normal" direction water and how lived a source.  The well is the Hl.  Konrad dedicated.  Well-being source against eye sorrow and other physical broken 

Andechs:  The Elisabethquelle springs beneath the holy mountain Andechs.  The cloister Andechs is on the one hand an important rampart trip plotted, and a power place. The cloister is on a gallischen sanctuary and later sovereign seat.  Sooner unknown the meaning of this place seems as a source sanctuary.  Well-being effect:  Maintenance of the vigor, eye sorrow and psychic diseases 

Aschau (Bucha) : It concerns herewith the rampart trip chapel "to the hl.  Communion".  It was built based on the well-being strong source here.  Yet today lively visit of well-being that which is sought is here persons. Well-being source against eye sorrow and inflammations of all type 

Bath nobility woods: (Bad Adelholzen) It concerns here probably the best known sources of Bavaria (nobility woods mineral water).  Already in the 16th Jhdt. a public pool had been erected here.  A source is yet today freely accessible in the center of bath nobility woods.  Well-being source against disease of the digestion organs, stone development, gout, rheumatism, paralysis 

Birches stone: (Birkenstein) Birches stone was original a gigantic stone on which believing performed its worship.  According to the legend a proprietor wanted to build here the chapel with Marienfigur based on a Marienerscheinung.  The amtshabende minister was against the own initiative of the citizens and praised in its heavy disease that he would support the building of the chapel, if he should become again healthy.  Thereupon let it be at the next day to the Gänze gesundet and therefore the chapel emerged.  The chapel grew based on the visitor current to the rampart trip chapel to the Mariä sky trip.  At the external wall of the holy grave, the source is.  Today there is here annually a large dress rampart trip with a religious service under free sky.  Well-being source against eye sorrow 

Diessen at the Ammersee at the north side of the treasure mountain springs the Mechtildsquelle. The name "treasure mountain" should refer here to the home of the "higher powers".  The name giver of the source – the holy Mechthild – often should race made have at the source the.  According to the legend it healed through Handauflegen possessed, came represented the language and blind "the face".  Well-being effect: against eye sorrow (especially in washings out in the morning hours, if the sun on the source seems) 

Dürneibach: The Silverabründl counted already in vorchristlicher time as holy and springs some meters to one side of the Silverakapelle to the Hl.  Maria in the Holzmann stream.  Well-being source 

Erding:  For the first time 1360 mentions.  Chapel to the holy blood between Erding and Altenerding. The source is in the well house - is however unfortunately no longer in function.  Well-being source against everyone broken 

Etting/Ingolstadt: On the old cemetery in Etting, the Osterbrunnen is.  The well was replaced 1627 by a new well-being source, that was discovered outside of the village.  It is told that the source 1627 healed the plague of all members of the teacher family Haydecker.  Meanwhile the source is failed unfortunately.   

Felizenzell: The Zellbrünnl is in the vicinity of book stream (northwesternly) in a forest.  Out of three tubes, the water in the source cottage flows.  Opposite is the graces chapel to the painful Maria. Well-being source against eyes sorrow and ears sorrow and strengthening of the immune system 

Glonn: Marienwallfahrtskirchlein with the well known holy source "Frauenbrünnl".  Rampart trip since the Middle Ages notes.  East of the church springs lain the holy source that steps under the church hindurchfließt and on the other side too day in the mountain cliff.  Well-being source against eye sorrow, for vigor and to the strengthening of the immune system 

Hague:  (Haag): Rampart trip chapel Maria high-rise: beneath the castle mountain, a source chapel stands, dedicated the holy Ottilia. Well-being source against eye sorrow 

Haimhausen: The water of the Bründlkapelle has special drinking water quality and is used until today above all in eye sorrow. It is reported of innumerable miracles, that should have happened here.  Also as "boy well", the source is designated.   

Jägerwirth: Heiligenbrunn is mentioned for the first time 1000 n. Chr. as a "Hail and miraculoser well". The rampart trip is due to an experienced miracle of a farmer daughter.  It has searches" drank learned healing of the "falling for that this water.  Well-being source against epilepsy, eye sorrow, Verwachsungen, uvm.   

Kleinhelfendorf: The St. Emmeram-Quellekapelle is to be found north of the Emmeramskirche.  It concerns herewith a walled up well chapel at an old cult place (Celtic cult site).  Well-being source against fever and eye sorrow 

Küham-Heldenstein: The well house is something beneath the Marienkirche.  Well-being source against eye sorrow 

Country hat: (Landshut)It concerns here a source sanctuary in the rampart trip church "Maria Brünnl".  Today yet persons with the water wash out himself the eyes.  Delivered is that a service lass had drunk frog spawn and grew up on that in its body of frogs.  You tranke the water of the well-being strong well and vomited thereupon 4 frogs and was therefore again healthy.   

Langenpettenbach/Altomünster:  The small well chapel lies at the forest edge (signage "to the well chapel"). The source springs today in a small roofed grotto.  Well-being effect:  Eye sorrow 

Lebenau: Beneath the Kolomanskirche (to the Hl. Koloman) in the forest the well house is.  Out of a source calm in the ground, the well-being water bubbles here.  Today the source in the vernacular yet "Fieberbrünnl" is named.  Well-being source against fever and eye sorrow 

Leonhardspfunzen: In the rampart trip chapel to the holy Leonhard, innumerable Votivtafeln are to be found, that report over the healing and miracle.  It concerns herewith a course well next to the Leonhardskapelle.  Well-being source against eye sorrow, disease of the digestion organs 

Leutstetten/district star mountain:  The well-being source "Petersbrunn" is ca 2 km north of star mountain.  Over the source, the small chapel Petersbrunn, that reminds of the once world-famous well-being bath Petersbrunn, is to be found.  Well-being effect:  Rheumatism, gout and abdomen diseases 

Mitterbuch: The Müllerbrünnl is on a forest glade in the valley of the Ilsen.  The small chapel beside it is the Hl.  Leonhard dedicated.  Well-being source against eye sorrow, disease of the digestion organs 

Nut village at the Inn:  (Nussdorf am Inn) The rampart trip church Maria Kirchwald is above of nut village.  Beneath the church, a small chapel with the holy source is to be found. Well-being source against deafness, speechlessness, eye sorrow, inflammations of all type and headache 

Osterwarngau: The holy source Nüchternbrunn lies in the forest above of Osterwarngau.  Annually on the 15 September to the seven pain day, a solemn rampart trip religious service of the dress societies finds here place. Well-being source against sorrows and diseases of all type - especially eye sorrow 

Reischach:  The chapel was original the holy Antonius of Padua geweiht and first later the Maria.  The source is in the interior of the chapel.  Well-being source against toothaches and eye sorrow 

Roses home: (Rosenheim) The church reverently blood at the Wasen is to be found in the south of the outskirts.  Earlier a wooden Schöpfbrunnen - today a well chapel with source frame in the center of the building.  Well-being source 

Schwindegg: The St. St. -Anna-Quelle is südl. of Schwindegg in a wood cottage.  Annabrunn was mentioned and was 1500 for the first time as a holy source here already as a public pool well known.  Well-being source against women sorrow, skin illnesses, rheumatism and gout 

St. Florian: The Floriansbrünnl is in the vicinity of the church.  The octagonal well enclosure is in the unfortunately usually blocked chapel. It was mentioned already 1528 as a "cane in sant Anna-chapels" in St. Florian.  Well-being source against eye sorrow 

St. Quirin: The Quirinusquelle became build over like so often of a church.  The well is in the middle of the church in the Quirinuskirche.  Only rarely the water is got here at the surface and has no more Trinkqualität.  Well-being source against eye sorrow 

St. Wolfgang at the castle wood:  How so the holy St. Wolfgang often softened" here "stone.  It should have knocked according to the legend here with its bishop rod on rocks according to what a source opened itself. The water healing power was repeated already always.  The source emerges here at three places: next to the altar, at the entrance of the graces chapel and before the church.  Well-being source against eye sorrow and for the general well-being 

Deaf stream: (Taubendach) Yet today the "holy Albani-water" is brought out of the Albanibrünnl as well as in primeval times in wood casks into the church where the believings can make use of therefrom. Well-being source against eye sorrow, epilepsy and headache 

Tegernbach: The "stone Brünnl" steps next to the chapel to the Hl.  Antonius of Padua from.  Well-being source against eye sorrow and illnesses of all type 

Tittmonning: The source water of the Ponlacher Marienheiligtums counted always already as a well-being strong water. It races behind the church to the Hl. Maria to the left and to the right in 2 wells.  The right water serves the Benetzen of the eyes and the left for drinking.  Well-being source against eye sorrow, foot illnesses, depression, wounds of all type 

Traunwalchen: Traunwalchen counted once to one of the most important rampart trip sites of the Chiemgaus.  The source is under the altar in the church to the Hl. Maria and the water is by means of hand pump to take.  Well-being source against eye sorrow, muteness, deafness, paralysis, skin diseases and for the general well-being 

Waging:  The rampart trip to the rampart trip church Mariä Heimsuchung in Mühlberg in Waging is to be led back to a wonderful healing of a lass after a Marienerscheinung.  It is to be supposed that the water contributed out of the source to the healing and also to the rampart trip.  Today yet there is annually the Marienwallfahrt.  The source is unfortunately in a basin with roof so that the removal of the wholesome water is not possible.  The removal of the yet fluent source was forbidden with the establishment of health objections.  Well-being source against eye sorrow women illnesses and foot sorrow 

Weichselbaum: The source worship ran here today unfortunately in oblivion.  The water in the rock hollow became unpalatable and rotten (foliage).  The Leonhardskapelle is to be found between Simbach/Inn and parlors mountain.  A legend tells that the chapel was constructed on a monolith.  Annually once, to Pentecost, yet is thought here in a favor gear the holy place.  Well-being source against eye sorrow and poor eyesight 

Consecration linden trees: (Weihelinden) Miracle healing and spontaneous healing are told over the Marienquelle.  The Marienquelle is today at the southern outside of the well chapel, in the cloisters of the church, to take because just renovation working takes place.  Well-being source against blindness, epilepsy, diseases of organs, foot sorrow uvm.   

Weihestephan: The Korbiniansquelle is placed in the 15 m of long to find in the mountain.  Well-being source against eye sorrow, fever, diseases of the respiratory tractiligtum in der Wallfahrtskirche "Maria Brünnl". Heute noch waschen sich Menschen mit dem Wasser die Augen aus. Überliefert ist, dass eine Dienstmagd Froschlaich getrunken hatte und darauf in ihrem Leib Frösche heranwuchsen. Sie tranke das Wasser des heilkräftigen Brunnens und erbrach daraufhin 4 Frösche und war somit wieder gesund.