Magic Places

Sacredness of the place and of the way

Almost all religions know the phenomenon of the pilgrimage.

Christianity first had no starting point for the pilgrimage. Exist only by looking up places of memory of Jesus and work in the saint country also came later Christianity here the need of the believer. For this purpose, the graves came from saints and martyrs later. Of the pilgrimage to a holy place are be distinguished the relic pilgrimage and the pilgrimage to grace pictures.

However, there are many legends which explain the picture in strong purchase to the place. It can not be misplaced and if one yet attempts it, it returns
to the point of origin.
In this way, the place becomes unambiguous to the center of the pilgrimage event .

No doubt, Pilgrimage are always  the highest act of ring signal detector religio and cult. It comes in around an old tradition, piety rooted deep, the alpine religio, the filling duties, the keeping of promise un gene.
It is also not different with other nations, in other religions, during the duty practices in Mekka, India and worldwide round um holy mountains.

Extreme challenges under difficult conditions,
mortification of the flesh and physical pains are always combined with a pilgrimage. That itself predominantly in this case severe in the alps Catholic with before Christian cults has mixed, is natural even if the actual origins only are heavy from each other to distinguish.”
Hans Haid, folklorist of the Oetztal, Tyrol

A example of a Christian pilgrimage is the Walk about 4 Montains in Carinthia. It still becomes alive pilgrimage of the world ON HOLD for the oldest one. Starting point is the Magdalenenberg to the Veitsberg, it then goes to the Ulrichsberg, and finally further to the Lorenziberg.
The pilgrimage begins at midnight and ends before sunrise. Leaves determined in this case must be taken by every mountain along (club moss, ivy, juniper and spruce branch). The route corresponds to solar movement in its direction course. On two of the mountains, Celtic sanctuaries were found, such ones are presumed on the other two.

“Who undertakes a pilgrimage is ready to have change -  change from the community, from the grace place, prayers and songs of seen and Feelings from impressions.”
From an accompanying material for the pilgrimage after Assisi (05)