Holy Mountains




Biberg:  cult place Celtic

Dürrnberg in Hallein:
here the rampart trip church is today over the "witch wall" "to our dear women" and a source - the Frauenbründl; in the droughts mountain can be assumed that it concerns here a vorchristlichen women cult place; more here

in this mountain, it concerns a vorchristlichen cult plotted and worship plotted the Celtic Frauentrinität and the Celtic mountain mother

Gaisberg:  cult place Celtic

Hundstein:  (Dientner mountain) :  Ritual mountain of the Celt to honors of the fertility God Belenus

Hochkönig: Cult place of the Celt

Hoher Göll: here the gallische Urmutter became honors (more reverently - high Göll)

Kolomansberg: Celtic mountain sanctuary

Maria Plain: the name Plain comes of the Celtic word "planon" and means "holy middle"

Schwarzenberg:  assumed will may here, that the Celt it as a holy mountain already to antiquity umrundeten and simultaneously served he as a cult place and festival place place for the Celtic year circle festivals


Birches mountain: lying over Telfs, a tree sanctuary and fertility sanctuary of the Celt is on the birches mountain; today a chapel to the "Mariä Heimsuchung" is on the cult place

Großer Rettenstein:
Large Rettenstein: At the Rettenstein is indicated be found in a rock cave one older "witch dance place"; today in this (Kult?)höhle 2 mother divinities that are designated in the vernacular than a "Stoafrauen". 

Hohe Salve:
High volley: Celtic light cult place (today is here the rampart trip chapel St. Johann)

Kalser Tauern: South page the Alps the Kalser Tauern represents an important connection between Großvenediger and Großglockner. Today yet there is here the victim custom that the Pilger material shreds put back and material volumes at the mountain as a victim.  Originally it acted itself herewith as a cult action in order to "to combine" with the mountain mother. 

Lavant (today Kirchbichl) :  Original seat of the Celtic mother God - today the rampart trip church to the Hl is found here.  Ulrich (earlier "to our dear woman"!) 

Serles:  cult place Celtic and worship site of the 3 Bethen

St. George mountain (Schwaz) :  Seat of the ancestors (death and rebirth)

Patscherkofel:  cult place Celtic and worship site of the 3 Bethen


Hittisberg (Bregenzer forest) :  holy mountain of the Celt (hitt -> watch, protect, ver-rescue in the lap of mother earth)

Deer mountain: here the Celtic differently world God Cernunnos became honors (with the deer antler)

Kummenberg (in Götzis) :  Differently world-mountain of the Celt; the mountain rescues caves that were used already in the old stone time. 

Liebfrauenberg Rankweil:
Love women mountain of Rankweil:  an island mountain on which the 3 Bethen (Muttergöttinnentrinität) became honors of our ancestors

Muttersberg (Bludenz)
Mother mountain (Bludenz) :  Bethenberg - worship of the 3 Bethen

New castle mountain: assumed a holy place becomes here for astronomical observations of our ancestors

Viktorsberg: Light cult place and oracle mountain of the Celt

Widderstein (Walsertal):
Ram stone (Walsertal) :  Already in the stone time, flint was broken on this mountain; because the ram is also a symbol of the Celtic differently world God Cernunnos, a mountain dedicated to it may be supposed here. 


Maria-Trost-Berg (Rohrbach)
Maria-comfort-mountain (pipe stream) :  out of respect before the mountain mother, no names was given earlier the "holy mountains" - therefore was named this elevation simply "mountain"; today this elevation Maria-comfort-mountain is named, leaned at the rampart trip church (today are here yet heathen cult actions in the ritual Umrundung of the altar or the entire church to find)

Roof stone: Here it concerned vermutich the mythological middle of the world and the unapproachable seat of the Urmuttergöttin of the Celt

Heiligenberg (Hausruck)
Holy mountain (house jerk) :  the parish church of holy mountain stands over an age old rampart trip well; old cult place to the worship of the 3 Muttergöttinnen; there yet is here today a well-being source against eye sorrow (marble well)

Hell mountains: the name of the hell mountains leads itself of the vorchristlichen "brightness" from - the seat of the Celtic Anderwelt; the 3 holy Göttinnen; the Taranis that raises itself like an eagle into the airs

Hollerberg (in Haslach at the Mühl) :  more formerly light mountain
and fertility mountain at the foot of the mountain is races" the holy source Maria to find (well-being source against eye sorrow)

Richtberg (in Weyregg a. Attersee) :  a holy mountain of the Celt; heathen tree sanctuary today it gives here the old women rampart trip with Richtbergtaferl

Cold mountain: An old Bethen-Kultplatz:  Kal and/or Cal lets of the cow of the Urmutter or of its even divert themselves.  The cult place was honors became in the origin chapel (Augenbründl), at that also a holy tree (linden tree).

Lichtenberg (bei St. Georgen)
Lights mountain (over St. George) :  age old light cult place (here is an own Celt way at the emerging)

Pöstlingberg: former Celtic "stronghold"; name derives itself probably from the 3 Bethen; today another "holy Bründl" in rock grotto


Göttweig:  pre-Christian women place and light cult place in the pencil crest of the pencil is to be found today another allusion on the holy mountain of the Celtic Göttinnen-Trinität:  3 mountain crests that are surpassed with a cross. 

Hafnerberg (old market) :  age old holy mountain, utilization as a weather place and light cult place linking of light state and sun state into the rampart trip church; to the winter solstice in sunshine "light miracle and Christmas miracle" is to be seen here today yet at the high altar

Kaltenberg Maria Schnee:
Cold mountain Maria snow:  the rampart trip church "Maria snow" displaces here the worship of the first goddess

Kulmriegel (Grimmenstein) :  A holy grotto rescues and a "Schliefstein", that was found often in heathen cult caves; supposition that on the summit of the mountain in vorchristlicher time an observatory similar place was. 

Sonnwendstein (Semmering)
Middsummer Stone (Semmering) vorchristliches observatory the old cult place is named today "Maria protection" and in the rampart trip church (back of the high altar), the "holy Bründl" is to be found

Ötscher a differently world place of the Celt where its ancestors stayed to the rebirth in the belly of the mountain mother

Sonntagsberg (Waidhofen/Ybbs)
Sunday mountain (Waidhofen/Ybbs) :  earlier "Sumbtagperg" was named the Sunday mountains; wahscheinlich a cult place in honor of the Ambeth (one of the 3 Bethen or the 3 holy Madln) 3 holy sources in the vicinity of the Sunday mountain - "Türkenbrunn" is named the head source

Hoher Stein (Karlstein an der Thaya)
High stone (Karlstein at the Thaya) :  Reference to a Celtic cult site the name gives here already:" high" was most a form of "holy"

Sand mountain: Discovery of Celtic large settlements

 for 6000 years this mountain is settled (!); in the outlook storm, a display of the Grabungsergebnisse is in the ground floor

Stillfried an der March:
This holy mountain rescues itself a rampart castle dated out of the stone time, where today the church Hl. Georg finds;




Hermannskogel: Age cult mountain (source place and tree cult place) rescues the holy source "Agnesbründl", also as a Frauenbründl, Maienbründl or Augenbründl well known. 

Bare mountain: earlier "sow mountain" or "pig mountain" was named the bare mountains; the wild pigs counted as symbol animals of the Celtic God Esus

Kolbeterberg: this holy mountain raises itself north of the age old cult place "Maria Brunn"; the name leads itself of the Celtic word Cal and Bethe - for the eternal (n) and the cow - therefore for the mountain mother - off; north of the Kalpeterberges the "Dianabründl" is found

Leopoldsberg this holy mountain was named earlier again bare mountain; worship of the cow God mountain God and mother God here stood once a small heights settlement of the Celt

Michaelerberg Behten-Kultplatz, Celtic cult place



Apfalter: mythological predecessor of the Muttergottesheros Georg was the Celtic Muttergöttinnenheros Apfalter

Forchtenstein: On the summit plateau of the castle mountain, a vorchristlicher cult place, it was are here innumerable legends over that "wild women" to find the Druiden or the differently world sovereign. 

Geißberg (at the nördl.  End of the Leitha-mountains) : in the Roman villa (current moor yard) in the vicinity, a gravestone of a romanisierten Celt sovereign was found "Marcus Cocceius Caupianus"

Geschriebenstein: holy mountain; are offered here today a "legend migrations";

Deer stone: holy mountain and old cult place of the Celt; the deer the symbol animal of the Celtic Andersweltheros Cernunnos was

Cloister mountain (country lake) :  holy mountain of the Celtic differently world

Sun mountain: holy mountain, that becomes bordered in antiquity as well as today, (40 kilometers and seven rampart trips, holy sources, tree sanctuary and way sanctuary inkludiert)



Frauenberg in Leibnitz
Women mountain (Leibnitz) :  Women cult place and worship of the Celtic Muttergöttinnen

Heiliger Berg in Köflach
Holy mountain (in Köflach) :  holy mountain and insbesonder a cult place in the bronze time

Heilbrunn (Offenegg) :  Holy source; long the Sunday was here after Pentecost of "the Dreifaltigkeitssonntag" the head rampart trip appointment what can mean a continuation of the worship of the Celtic Muttergöttinnen-Trinität. 

Jagerberg in Wetzelsdorf:  Cult place of holy the Celt; the cult object of the Kiche to the Hl.  Andreas shows the Hl.  Notburga. This became often the mythological successor of the Celtic grain God and earth mother God who was asked also often for fertility. 

Kirchberg/German fat scratch:  mountain holy age

Kumitzberg: island mountain holy Celtic; today Marienwallfahrtskirche

Kulm in Puch: holy mountain and differently world place for the boy stone time; also "witch mountain" have named; holy source in summit height (Augenbründl)

Ball stone: cult place of Celtic the Heros Belenus; here are remainder of a Roman temple that was Hercules and Viktoria geweiht

Pürgg:  the rocks of Pürgg under the boy rough slump at the Grimmingtal belong to the probably most marked holy places of the Celt; here a Celtic Oppidum and a cult center of the Celt was

Sigmundsberg (vicinity Mariazell)


Danielsberg: formerly Celtic cult place of the Belenus and a place of the Celtic differently world

Diex:  holy mountain of the Celtic mother God (Mons Diehse); the Diex was acts itself already the earth mother, the God of the grain and fertility geweiht; it here to Celt times around a cult place, that was searched for to Beltane

Dobratsch: Light and Bethen-Kultort to Lugnasad this mountain offered itself very especially to the kultischen Umrundung of a holy mountain

Gracarea: Findings of a Statuette in form of an Ebers, the animal symbol of the Keltenheros Esus refer here to the holiness of this mountain

Hemmaberg:  Did this mountain be named early Jaunberg -> a further development of the Celtic Heros Juvenat or Jovenat?  Cult place to the worship of the Belenus and the Celtic earth mother

Hochfeistritz: prehistoric women cult place

Karawanken: The origin the by the name of Karawanken is of the deer of the Keltenheros Cernunnos. 

Lamprechtskogel: this mountain was a Celtic cult place for Belenus- and bull cults (today possesses the Filialkirche Lambert the succession of the Bethe Ambeth)

Lorenziberg: was original the Celtic earth God and grain mother God geweiht; yet finds here today the sowing grains exchanges and the Mitnahme of a handful of "holy earth" in the course of the four-mountain-rampart trip instead of (this is the 4th holy mountain in the four-mountain-rampart trip)

Maria-Saler-mountain (over complaint ford) :  this mountain was a cult place for Belenus and later was here a Roman cult site (findings of Roman stones)

Michaelerberg: Celtic light cult place in Lugnasad

Tiffen:  Celtic Bethenkultort; the Kirchhügel of Tiffen a Celtic cult place was; "heathen" stone fragments be found walled in in the parish church St. Jakob again

Oswaldiberg (Villach) :  light place and weather cult place Celtic; also a fertility cult place was to be found here and is found today yet in modified and supporting form in a wish bell again

Peter mountain (Friesach) :  A Bethen-mountain the former Celtic cult place is to be found under the Peter church.

Petzeck:  the name of the holy mountain derives itself from the Bethen

Rice mountain (at the east cliff of the sow Alps) :  A holy mountain is the rice mountains out of "heathen" time: Assumed becomes that on the mountain back at present the Roman occupation a temple stood for Ianus Geminus - the keltoromanische successor of a former Bethen- and Samain-Kultplatzes. 

St. Paul in the Lavanttal:  the cloister stands on a former cult center of the Celt

Ulrichsberg:" mons carantanus" : the 2nd holy mountain is a holy mountain and former water cult place (Ulrichspatrozinium lets on that close) the Ulrichsberg in the four-mountain-rampart trip

Veitsberg:  the Veitsberg was named mean could be early gutters mountain, what an adaptation of "idol-mountain" - therefore a holy mountain and cult mountain of the Celt - the Veitsberg the 3rd holy mountain in the four-mountain-rampart trip

Swell:  Holy places of the Celt of Georg Rohrecker and own