Magic Places and strength places in Switzerland

Aletschgletscher in the Wallis:
The Aletschgletscher is regarded as the longest ice stream of the alps and is in the meantime a „Unesco world natural heir .
The Aletsch excursion is especially popular here: Reed nightmare (Riederfurka) on the morainal way through the nature park up to the Maerjelensee and from there on, the Fiescheralp

Bauen (Kt. Uri) hexene stone, Chindlistein (lane stone)

Crap Carschenna / Sils/Domleschg - canton Graubünden grey alliances rock drawings:

Available photographs set up of:
Johannes Groht -

Creux you Van - Emma Kunz grotto Ermitage / are reading home Engstligenalp in the Bernese uplands:
The most prominent point of the Engstligenalp is very at the back - along of the hiking way – at a meadow decorated with boulders. The biggest block of the warehouses stone is also found at the southernmost point.
Namensgeberin was here the Celtic flow goddess Andekingilia Erdmandlistein / Wohlen / Bremgarten grey alliances Etang DE Gruere rock punctures solar through holes

Astronomical cult
site set up at the available front Rhine

Gasterntal from here from gives ways of breath-taking beauty it to the glacier world at the Kanderfirn or one ascends to the Loetschenpass at 2690 meters.
The rock source of the being creek is also here. She originates from the depths of the system of caverns at that at the northern flank of Altels and Balmhorn.

Geltenschuss und Lauenen-Lake:
Ein approx 200 m high two-part waterfall
Lauenensee. According to the rise is that at the rear end of the small cheer valley be shot to see. A feminine sitting figure can be recognized here in the case of the lowest stage.

The waterfalls “Giessbachfälle”
fall into 14 stages over 500 meters in that Brienzersee. A natural play near Brienz. It is a question here of an old cult place since the herdsmen met here already at pre-times for solar and moon celebrations.
On a margin over the Brienzersee – near the torrent - is itself the dance place mentioned like this. The celebrations occurred here were decried, how so often, and therefore were forbidden. The legend tells that the devil itself should have musiziert here as violinists and in this case overturned and drowned it a dancing pair into the lake it.

Grenchen (Kt. Solothurn) on the hill train flattening wood or calibration wood shuttering stone

Harder with Hardermandli on the Harder ends that Brienzergrat. It is told, that it itself here around a earlier historical Besiedelungsstaette it is handelt. Die region known as strength place and the Harder as holier mountain. The „Kraft of the Harders is direction Wannichubel on the strongest one and above the hardware knoll to feel.
In the rock formation at the front one Harder, above the bathing beach inter brines, is to be detected the Hardermandli – a face with handlebars. It sells themselves here around the most known rock shape the Bernese uplands and inspired ones already always the imagination of the people.
Way description: Hiking way inter brines east wind --> hardware knoll approx 2 hours; Give rounding way „Elfenweg Ca 0,5 time to pay.
Heaths (Appenzeller country) Chindlistein (lane stone) LA Mutta / Falera Monte Verita / Tessin Paxmal rich man creek cases

Rosenlauischlucht and Rosenlauigletscher:
The Rosenlauischlucht contains grottoes and waterfalls and is regarded as nature sorer Alps.
May opened in a opened manner by  Mitte/Ende by end of October.
Saut you Dubs Staedtliberg / Dotzingenberg with Lyss (between Bueren and Dotzingen) source sanctuary, shuttering stone, sign stone (oracle); Chindlistein hr. Berne hardware pass steel. Leonhard

St.Petersinsel in the Bielersee:
The peninsula jutting out into the Bielersee resulted during the last Ice Age.
The heathen way is a natural combination of the hr. Peter island to the Jolimont in the case of Erlach. One assumes that the heathen way was already accessible millennia ago. This could also be been confirmed by historical finds from the region.
One still encounters the Chuengeli before attaining the main island- and/or. rabbit island. This island held as earlier Christian cult site.
Did rock Chilen

Tuefelsburdi the Tuefelsburdi (Teufelsburde) exists Bagnes from 3 granite blocks from the Val DE in the Wallis. The name „Tuefelsburdi was chiselled in 1872 in the big block. One still designated this group after Jahn in 1850 as „Heidenstein. He found a denotation even as „Druidenstein on a rock test.
One goes out from that that the granite blocks of the Tuefelsburdi since the New Stone Age as a cult place had importance. Finds with excavations of 1848 were Celtic pottery and from audio sculptures fragments and coal residue.

Truemmelbachschlucht/clear fountain valley:
10 glacier waterfalls in the the Truemmelbachfaelle make mountain interior into a natural play. The underworld is developed well for the visitor: One been with one (tunnelling )Lift to the first stop of the round. The waterfalls are well amenable and are illuminated as a special attraction for the visitor with different colors.

Twannbachschlucht on the Bielersee:
The way through the wooded Twannbachschlucht was built in 1890.
The gorge is als  seat of the moon goddess (Celtic name Duana or "dark goddess") away description: Restaurant Twannbachschlucht of long direction Twannbachschlucht/Twann