Cult sites and strength places in SPAIN


Shrine of the hectolitre Jakobus
For more than 1000 years accused pilgrim of Spain from all of Europe via the Way of St. James into the northwest, after Santiago DE Compostela. Many ones dedicated months of its life to the strainful trip, they go on foot and hold at the numerous cloisters, the hospices and the churches along the route.
The gorgeous cathedral stands in the call to contain the mortal remains Jakobus´ the apostle and cousin Christ and later protective saint Spain. With Petrus and Johannes together Jakobus occupied a special position among the juniors because these three were witnesses to the Transfiguration Christi. The legend tells that Jakobus moved Christ to Spain after death in order to announce the gospel there.
How did however it come that the apostle was buried in Santiago?
44th nth Chr became Jakobus. of here ode executed Agrippa I. in Jerusalem and therefore to the first apostle that suffered the martyr's death. The legend further reports that his pupils placed the mortal remains into Palaestina in the case of Jaffa into a boat. Sieve days achieved later ones this - guided by the hand of God and favorable winds - the Atlantic coast Spain in the case of iria Flavia, remote 32 kilometers from the contemporary Santiago. After a further trip in the ox cart, Jakobus was finally buried precisely there where the oxen stopped suddenly amazingly.

Cheer over the flow Andarax, 20 kilometers inland from the port alm ria, find one in the midst of a meagre landscape the remains of a megalithic settlement. Numerous finds came at the beginning of our century to daylight, included a large cemetery, residential buildings and tools of metal. important to that mound with a tomb chamber is surrounded by a lithic ring. Chr would may the settlement between 3100 and 2500 V. have been inhabited.

An imposing megalithic monument lies in the fertile, southern part of the island Menorca. At a gentle hill on the outskirts of a town of Mahón queue up a tower - the Talayot - and in the inner one a lithic ring - a table, the Taula, height of 4 meters considerable whose the deck stone not with include. The megalith plant originated presumably in the torreny era after 1500 V for Chr. and one assumes that she also also contained residential building and Befestigungsanalagen. Moreover, one found ash of indeterminable age and bull figures of bronze.

On a wooded hill on the main road after Alayor, one finds 3 kilometers the remains of the powerful megalith plant Menorcas behind Mahón. She consists of five Talayot towers, round houses, lithic rings and subterranean chambers. A Taula and a lithic order are in some distance of the main tower in the form of a boat. The place became Chr around the year 1000 V. constructed.

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