Cult sites and Strength places in GREECE


Delphi does not owe its exceptional position among the cult sites of Greece to its geographic situation in the end: by the foot of the Parnass and with look over the valley of the flow Plistus. Delphi about of 700 V bloomed also confessed as “Nabel of the world for Chr. Chr nth to 200.
The under the good receive theater sited 570 meters above sea level Apollo temples was the place of the Delphian oracle. A priest called Pythia abandoned itself here in trance in order to get with God in touch. The Pythia would chew to this purpose bay leaves and sat on a tripod over an earth slit within the temple buildings of that intoxicating steam escaped. Your comments stuttered relatively incoherently then explained masculine priests into understandable answers around, that itself - often in verse form - in connection with the counsel searching ones be able be brought. In most cases acted it itself around moral wisdom formulated generally and Erkenne you herself ” or Alles with measure ”.
On the excavation ground moreover, are itself the sanctuary that Athene, the Gymnasion and the stadium in that the pythischen games were kept away.
Moreover is itself here one healing still bubbling Kastalischen spring which one strengths talked may be.  
The Omphalos stone in the temple of the Apollon symbolized the „-navel of the Welt" - he is to be admired by the oracle place in the Delphi museum in addition to many other find pieces.

The allegedly oldest city of the Hellenistic culture is on a hill tip, 10 kilometers of bad esker remote. Are confessed the treasure house of the Atreus (by 1400 V, Chr.) and the famous lion gate (by 1260 V, Chr.), that through the zyklopische wall of the castle to the round the royal graves carries out. The treasure house contains several honeycomb similar tomb chambers and installs be in the hill. One achieves it only via a narrow, laid transition. The golden dead woman shadow masks were found here.

EPIDAURUS / Peloponnes:
Away from Athens approximately 1,5 hours are itself the known amphitheater and the Asklepios sanctuary.
Learned the amphitheater in Epidaurus to the best preserved theaters in Greece. Known for his acoustics was and is too possible for it here without modern audio engineering, all visitor accumulator table to achieve. 
North of the theater are itself the sanctuary of the Asklepios, of the God of welfare art. Ritual welfare ceremonies found Jhdt here to the 6th. before Chr. instead of and it changed to a neuzeitlichen” hospital later for themselves.
On the excavation ground still can one the temple of the Asklepios, the guesthouse, the sleep halls, the Gymnasion and many other small buildings and also „originale sick person beds may look.

OLYMPUS / Makedonien:
The Olympus is the highest mountains of Greece. The seat of Gods is Zeus with the Gods father.
One for the first time dug archaeologically here in 1928 and the mountain turned out to be one of the richest and most diverse places of discovery Greece.
Reports from almost all eras - even graves from the Iron Age with innumerable grave jewelry was found here. Finds were here:
the temple of the Demeter, goddess of farming, of the Asklepios, God of medicine, of the Dionysos, God of the celebration and of the theater and even a temple of the Isis was found.
The temple of the Isis is a unique find in Greece, was of Isis however an Egyptian goddess.  Revered in the place, where its temple is, the goddess first became Artemis, goddess of the hunt.
The line of the finds is continued by public baths from roman time. These are received so well that the old recognizes heating system today and is followable.
The end of the eras forms one earlier Christian basilica under its ground the tessellated floor of an even older church is found. In the background forms the massif the Olympus an impressing scenery for the old city that had a port at former time. Therefore, she also had an entrance to the sea. Moreover, she represented the royal city, center of commerce and reverence place.

MOUNTAIN ATHOS / Chalkidiki:
The mountain Athos, this so-called holy mountain of orthodoxy is the northernmost one of the three spurs von Chalkidiki.
The monks exist there today under very severe rules and hard living conditions.
20 are inhabited today by the 40 cloisters. Are a Russian, Bulgarian and a Serbo-Croatian cloister included there in each case. These belong to the orthodox believing all. The cloisters contain very beautiful, old and valuable frescoes, icons and handwritten books.
Around the mountain Athos to will visit a visitor permission of the north Greek department required into Thessaloniki and a special writing of the foreigner police of Thessaloniki. It may per day only ten persons entries nth For unfortunately, the praying retene of the monk republic is women severe forbidden.

METEORA / Thessalien:
The meteors are a group of high, steep boulders tops whose are crowned by cloisters, hermitages and cells. Its grottoes have served the orthodox monks as hermit hermitages since the 11th century.
The meteors are itself 300m over the valley, near Kalambaka on the flow Pinios. This further originates to the north in the Pindos-Gebirge and ends here into that pin dose-gorge.
The monks lived initially in grottoes or small cells. They met in the Kyriakon for divine service (house of the gentleman; common church) in Doubiani.
When the monks became more numerous, they set up the hermitage from Stagoi.
Already in the 12th century, a systematical organization of the hermitage which was subordinated the diocese by Staoi began. In the 14th century, Serbian princes who governed at that time Thessalien freed the hermitage of supervision of the bishop of Stagoi and transmitted its management a Primus at the cloister Doubiani.
The monk set up the first cloister around middle of the 14th century for Athanassios on the Meteorafeisen. He was designated Platylithos (broad stone). This rock mass performing sinisterly surmounts the whole landscape. Athanassios then built its cloister. He mentioned the rock Meteoreon i.e. that between skies and earth floating ones. Since then hot all rocks with her cloisters "Meteora".

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