Cult sites and strength places in FRANCE


The city charter fits at the flow yours, flat at a fertile one ones approximately 90 kilometers southwest of Paris. The cathedral of the place appertains to the highest revered ones but also to the most mysterious sacral buildings and this not in the end its site because of. Another before Gauls and Celts advanced into this part of Europe, master builders of the kind Stonehenges on the factory those had at this point put on a dolmen as well as a fountain in the interior of a mound had been here.
The dolmen (two or three non-hewed stones with a big stone covering plate) formed a chamber which was high enough in order to be able to be erectly in it. This chamber should house a strength center, should house an important and fertile source of energy, that from that be fed is. Such tellurische Stroemungen took with the changing seasons to or from and would donate vitality new to each that came with them in touch. Accordingly, hill, fountain and dolmen were also revered as a holy place.
Gaul constructed at later time and British priests in charter a druid academy that had great influence. In this way, hill and dolmen won again in importance. When the druids had the prophetic vision, that a virgin would bring a child to the world, carved they of wood a pear tree the portrait of a woman with child. They then put the statue in addition to fountain and strength center into the dolmen and mentioned she Die virgin under that ground ”. The inscription was changed later to Virgini pariturae, the virgin whom a child will bear.
As the Christians in the 3rd Jhdt. according to charter came and those saw figure of the virgin, that in the meantime darkened and misplaced into a grotto was, revered ones they this as blacks virgin. The church which one constructed at this place, was woman, Notre lady of this, of our loves, consecrated. Din flat that being end the Starken received fountain the names Brunnen ”.
Were in total six churches there: The first five would be the light to the sacrifice but each time developed from the ash a new one, the believing and a boundless strength of the pilgrims, of the citizens of charter, the constructors and the architects in a originated manner. The building of the sixth and last however, cathedral, of the Gothic building that dominates the city today, surrounds a secret. No recordings which engage the planning or the edification of one of the biggest and most splendid architectural masterpieces of the world indeed exist.

Megalith street from Carnac:
Gigantic menhirs and earth banks off prehistoric times
testify round from sacredness of the field around the French small market town Carnac. Here in the Bretagne find one some of the oldest buildings of the world created by people and the largest megalith center. Nowhere is belief the young stone temporal human being tactile than in Kercado, close to Carnac, where an imposing menhir a big one grass-grown mound crowns. Rising this Tumulus, its entry in the direction that centre winter sun is, contains a steinfklankierten walk that leads to a rectangular tomb chamber. The former tomb in which various generations found a last resting-place is above all remarkable its age because of. Chr comes from time by 4700 V. and is the oldest building of Europe - almost 2000 years are older than Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids.

In the deep-lying swamp field of the Rhonedeltas, one found one of the largest known artificial caves: LA grotto of the Fées. The tomb, that is 4 kilometers northeast of are pick is, a 12 meters long one shows tape recess and has on a tomb chamber might end rearmost: 24 meters long and 3 meters broad. In addition, there are another two less secondary chambers. The whole arose between 4000 &. 3500 V for Chr.

There was a desperately poor priest who accumulated a gigantic property within few years remote in a small, been village of South of France, of 32 kilometers of Carcassonne. He had at the church a unite detected parchment roles labeled roman of which two contained a code. The place was once a foothold of the western Goths who raided and plundered 410 ROM'S in the year. The priest died in 1917 without having betrayed, from where its fortune would come.

The most famous megalith plant of Corsica is due to the street which leads from Propriano to the north through gentle hill country after Ajaccio. The place which consists of five menhirs and three monuments was Chr of presumably 4000 to 1400 V. in use. In the torrenischen, era, that over the year 800 V. Chr. out would last, was reconstructed they. No menhir is yet to come more in its initial place because aller were below earth until it detects 1954 dug and again raised were.

Darney is between Vittel and Bains-les-Bains, at the SW spur of the Vogesen. Hermit silver plated directly in addition to one who Source of name was for the place Benneval, the Celtic Oppidum.
In the forest find itself that "Pierre the 3 pots", the stone, the more one "has" more as only 3 bowls, incidentally a Roman street, a place for glass production and much. The they were numerous Ab resistance (rock overhangs) already used in the Stone Age as a cover - later from herdsmen and hermits. 
The Vallon is Druidique close to the Sâone origin, the druid valley. Today finds itself a band in the hectolitre Martin before the cave. Is told he would exist here as a hermit. The hrs. Clara originate at the opposite inclination- and the hr. Barbara-Quelle. Also the Fontaine DE Boeuf, where the clear water runs from the mouth of a bull, find itself here. Is a water sanctuary here.

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