Strength places and cult places in VORARLBERG - AUSTRIA

In lithic ring 2000 megalith stones (Raetia-stones)

A very new chapter European aurochs histories did itself with the discovery of the lithic rings on the Buerserberg on: They change on the lanes of the goddess for Raetia in the case of the lithic rings at the Buerserberg-Tschengla, strength may exhaust from the concealed one and fathom its stone, mysterious embassy - that all is possible here. Goddess Raetia, the mistress of nature, determines the flow of life. All waters were dedicated to her according to roman tradition.
The tremendous, neolithischen lithic rings on the Buerserberg (5000 to 1900 V Ch.) have its true importance only divined. The strength and the charm which comes from the lithic rings at the Buerserberg-Tschengla is perceptible. Each that visits this place becomes that going out of him observe mysticism. The stones which a very special importance and emission have were put on millennia ago.

Masonalpe / Nüziders - Vorarlberg

Slim stay church of pilgrimage and Fridolinskapelle with Fridolinstone at the church of slim stay in Vorarlberg is the Fridolins stone on that he would pray for aid; the stone should have become tender and Fridolin should have sunk with arms and knees; he would then hear a voice, he might be supposed to go to the grave of the Urso and him before the court in slim stay may fetch, so that he might testify the Schenkung. In such a way, Landolf would be frightened, when he saw the brother passed already into putrefaction appearing before court and been abashed that he also gave his part of the country to Fridolin. Now also built Fridolin in this region Hilarius churches, from the fact the name the contemporary one Swiss canton, ""Glarus"".