Strength places and cult places in VIENNA - AUSTRIA

Vienna - the Celtic Vindobona

The life tree ring at inauguration official the sky meadow at the Latisberg was on 1.9.98

Celtic sanctuary large Mexico church at the Mexico place

Brigittenau (XX):
Namensgeberin was here the three times the nut goddess Brigit - the protective goddess of the Celtic one (Vor-)Frühlings celebration Imbolc (February 1st) a Brigittakapelle is in Brigittenau today (they are to be found which one extremely rare in OE) and moreover, a Allerheiligenkirche” - is a christliche” transcription of a former holy place of the Celts here.

Leopoldsberg Celtic Oppidum

Pottery Celtic musk mountain

Hitzing (XIII):
Existed at the Vienna flow ones like in the Leopoldstadt on formerly heidnischer” tree cult place. The holy tree became end of the 17th Jhdt. felled and parts of it were common with a Marienstatue to the mythological center the new parish and church of pilgrimage milliampere ria-Hitzing.

The 3rd and 11th district were Celtic, before the Romans built their footholds.
On the house mountains, numerous Marienmarterl as well as the cross oak are to be found.

Dianabruendl: The holy source is Domina” of the forest and of the animals living in it according to the three times the fertility and moon goddess, designated. She is almost precisely north of the Kolbeterberges.

Lee mountain Grosser Mugl”/ Weinviertel dead man hill


Brown mountain

Matterhoerndl Muatahoerndl”

Emperor seat
in the case of Voeslau

Log stone:
We find the entire Mobiliar” of a Celtic cult center here in log stone: Holy stone, holy source and the Loretokapelle in succession Borbeths (one of the 3 Bethen)

at the Aspernalle in that joy gold is itself the old one  forest service ”, the pilgrimage milliampere ria green: the localities show a Celtic past: Tree cult places - these holy trees became entheidet” in further history of the Christians with pious pictures and in further result, they had to deviate the sky queen. 

Rogues perforate in the case of Voeslau

The Pit” in the case of Breitenbrunn
private property Peter Noever

Band milliampere ria green

Pilgrimage milliampere ria Brunn is an initial Celtic rising sanctuary place with holy fountain
Kraftorte und Kultplätze in WIEN - ÖSTERREICH