Strength places and cult places in UPPER AUSTRIA  - AUSTRIA


pilgrimage church with medicinal spring, cult subject: Milliampere ria as a vespers lithic picture

All Saints' Day
Piligrimage church of maria and band with saint stone (old sanctuary), Sauerbrunn in Jasnitz (medicinal spring)

Aspach between brown gold and reed red cross (Marterl with phallus stone = fertility cult)


Bath mill enamels (municipality field churches):
Maria-Hilf-Kapelle with medicinal spring: of rush creek valley upwards: Candle stone (phallus stone) in the rush creek valley: Geisskiri” at bowl (rock group) compared to: Brunokapelle with medicinal spring

Bath cell earth stables

on the Ellerberg: Rock group above sacrifice bowl

near the farm Kogler: unite one settle stone

on the Etzelsberg: Sieben-Moalstein”

Hedwigskapelle at cell agricultural holding: above = spring

Berglitzl in the case of Gusen on Danube

Celtic settlement area on the country lane to Danube:
Hill = settlement with sacrifice place (shuttering stone)

Eferding wedding stone (cross stone), baker stone in the case of Bachelham

Eggelsberg church of pilgrimage hexagonal in the Innviertel (inside in the grating: Celtic symbols)

Street after Harlingsedt in the case of Berghaeusl: northern of it at the forest edge: Hermit stone Harlingsed: Sky farmer stone close to Harlingsedt (shuttering stone): Septenkobel (shuttering stone) learning Zen stroke: house no. 27 might approach to crossroads: House no. 16 might approach Tatzerlbrunn (bowl/lane stone): Shuttering stone Moetlasberg: at the box agricultural holding inheriting erg: One settling stone with northwest of free city cave yew stone (mill quarter) between Reichenthal and sum uneven near the Czech boundary may be itself this yew stone. In the place yew stone, the "Chakraweg" was managed where characterized points harmonize the Chakras. It acts itself here around 7 stops where itself that - with 3 water filled scarfs - heath stone at stop 7 is. These bowls are always filled with water since the water from a subterranean source climbs the stone and fills the bowls. The heathen stone is a strength place which is still initially preserved almost and shows special vigour. Especially interesting are the beaten stages which one onto the rock lead. Unfortunately, it is not known here whether these served for the building of a church or of a resistance plant.

Free city yew stone with stages, 5 m high, 25 m long, above with lithic cymbals nearby: Devil stone

Gaflenz between milliampere ria cell and Admont saint stone (Sebalduskirche): Cult place (lifting cult) the church of pilgrimage hr. Sebald on the saint stone is a special feature. The so-called mountain sanctuary is a place visited gladly as a landmark of the municipality for pilgrim and hiker. It is to a greater extent visibly on a rock peak in a sea height from 782m and is also attainable in addition to the different hiking ways with the PASSENGER CAR. The first chapel on this place became already 1413 initiate and is the single reverence place of the hectolitre Sebald in Austria. The holy stone is almost the model example of a cult stone at which one provided everything, what was necessary for a such one apparently, and at which we can study all Merkwuerdigkeiten of such memorials.
Northeast of vulture mountain from reed on the living jerk inclination Haruk=, alto German for sanctuary, Leonhardskirche with medicinal spring

Goisern: the game stone in a valley gorge between Goisern and Altaussee in the forest in the case of Leisling

Nursing lithic narrow gorge:
Nursing stone wolf gorge above: Bath stone castle fling stone: Shoemaker stone Dimbach (north of Grein): One settling stone near the house Grosser Spendling” west of of cr at the forest edge: 2 hexene stones good gold (municipality):
Marreith with house no. 8: Hard luck oilstone Marreith on the Bobelberg: 1 stone with 2 scarfs grounding man village: in addition to band 2 shuttering stones Fürling:”Hoher Stein” = 2 rocks, the upper one with sacrificing bowl Fuerling in the case of the Grennerbauer: On the way to the dog mountain shuttering stone dog village: Devil stone shark creek in the mill ring the devil stone - a Celtic way and water sanctuary hard at Pischelsdorf church of pilgrimage (altar niche for toothache &. foot suffering = former tree site)

Haslach Marienkapelle (Chapel to maria) to the holy stone on the left mill bank (shuttering stone) saint place church of pilgrimage with medicinal spring, before Christian cult place

Cord mountain of one of the impression fullest ones before Christian sanctuaries: Shuttering/lane stone in band with of cord mountain medicinal spring street after Koeckendorf: petrified hay barn with Marterl

Hollerberg band with devil stone and medicinal spring Hoell on the Warscheneck in the dead mountains holy path:
It might lacquer hollow with rock drawings from Bronze Age at the eastern entrance of the black (Sennerinnen prayed 1 x in the summer): big rock at cliff: Durch crawling custom long after this meadow with lane stone (stairs) and agalmatolite to the west: Place with subterranean water hissing learning flax dull:
Medicinal spring:
The "holy water" in learning flax dull for 500 years make a pilgrimage human being to the band in learning flax dull to the heiligen came ”.
With this water rinse itself the pilgrims the eyes because it is said it helps against eye sufferings, inflammations etc. of long here come up the people to this source. Here refuel they water and vigour. A "Ort of the Kraft" in the granite country of the Bohemian measures.

Julbach ANNA band, Bethelhaus (boulder), near: Devil step Kaltenberg (municipality):
Church and bands with large limes and rock stages, medicinal spring close to flat place with house no. 5 (eyes): Cult stones: Hard luck oilstone Steinbuehel at big bowl, over it is northwest of flat place: Heukogel with tor and bowl, west of bowl stone with water Biberach Haus no. 11: Phallus stone, near in the case of Wacholderbaeumchen: Bowl stone Makkerreith house no. 5: 2 shuttering stone resinous wood creek moist idol figure, legend of Zimnitz” (rich in the soul --> Celtic Anderswelt?) Die rock pictures the resinous wood creek narrow gorge were in year 1938 coincidental during excavations through members the Salzburger association for cave customer detected, however, took for lack of attention in oblivion. They "were"rediscover"" in 1961 through seriousness Burgstaller however it still came for no sub-shutdown mode. In opposite: numerous rock pictures were destroyed by Wildbachverbauung, bursting in the case of the forest road construction and the Holzschlaegerungen. Just as regrettable are the numerous scribbles of contemporary visitors, by the playfully old one crack un gene damaged were.

Royal meadows medicinal spring (eyes): Brombeerbruendl with Marterl north of royal meadows: Moist guide creek with ein settling wall and Kindlstein and pulpit stone


The tree, that in the middle of the world tree sanctuary (old tree replaced by new lime) stands:
A varied excursion over meadow, forest and goods ways, with only moderate gradients, leads through the Tempetal. Partially wild novel table, with small timber bridges over creeks and still initial vegetation, nature can only be enjoyed purely slightly away from Kremsmuenster. In several places, one hits the so-called devil cave which it is valid to find it out on caves and other. These dark caves wake the introduction of highwaymen, forest spirits and entrances into other verwunschene worlds.
Halfway the beautiful tourist cafe "tree in the middle of the world" is on a hill. That extremely even conscious name of the inn is understood correctly if one enjoys the panorama of here. One stands "in the middle of the world"

Moreover find itself on the old street of Linz after Kremsmuenster a  wolf walk stone ”: it agrees on themselves here around a making stone before Christian time, that needed for cult purposes was. The lithic cult kneel allow with that have been combined into the footprint.
By christianization, a memorial place of the hectolitre became the cult place Wolf walk (would pray at this place and left with it its footprints in this Stein”).
In connection with this lane stone is reported by a sick person cure: To a death sick man cure was promised in the dream as soon as he would have constructed a shrine at this place. He made themselves to work and became healthy.

Lembach lane stone on the junction of the way of Aigen after Luck Liebenau (municipality):
Jankusmauer with cross, sacrifice bowl and 4 shuttering stones on the village edge: Boulder with cross, before then sacrifice stale ones yew mountain in the case of the Buehlbergerhof: House mountain at sacrifice bowl

  Celtic rampart plant at the free skating mountain free skating mountain in the west: Rampart plant with hill graves basic mountain: northern Celtic surging plant/height settlement of the free skating mountain top:
Rune stone (altar table) and place of finding of Celtic coins stag guide ditch at the free skating mountain:
zkloberne Stein = female cult place northwest Doppelgraben: Rock group Kanzel (at sacrifice bowl) and Kapuze” Luftenberg in the east: old cult mountains Pfenningberg (Pfenning = weibl. Deity) Poestlingsberg: former cult mountain today church of pilgrimage, cell stones (May prov) Saint Martin: oldest christl. Church of Austria on hill with stone temporal settlement lanes Calvary of Linz: Milliampere ria square ski jump Celtic Heilbrunn punching / Stullerding and grave mound

Lorch Celtic name: Lauriacum, Laurentiuskirche with striking cult continuity

Play stone cult cave Evakuchl” on the heel wall

Milliampere ria Bruendl in the case of Kopfing, cleaning flax village, Raab church of pilgrimage with medicinal spring and Kindlstein

Maria-Brunnental at with medicinal spring (foot suffering) warping thing band

Milliampere ria Schmolln in the Kobernausserwald Marienwallfahrtskirche

Old toll beluga Kirchschlag before Christian sanctuary: at band lane stone (headache stone) and medicinal spring, below: stone chair with cells south of the shower forest: Devil pulpit Mitterkirchen in the making country Celt museum on the Wasenberg (excavations with cult and sacrifice places)

Moedling 50 m east of the forest street of Moedling to the hussar temple:
Pfennig lithic cave (durch crawling custom)

Moon sea Maria-Hilf-Kapelle (legend: Pilgrimage of the little man from undermountain)

Milliampere ria Poetsch on the Muehl: Pilgrimage band with medicinal spring south of Neufelden on the Muehl (eyes): Geisskirche” (half cave): Celtic geis” = holy, raven stone, devil stone upper bearing stone: the Stoanaweg:
Pfaffenhaus” near upper bearing stone on forest meadow (boulder with cave): Hoellstein (sacrifice stone) long to the Bruendlstein with bowl then cow stone (above: 1 bowl) surrounded from rampart ditches at the bearing stone: 2 limes with band, by the foot of the bearing stone: Fennestein near Geretschlag: Bethelstein between Hochkraml and Vorderschiffl (cult site of the Nornen): Stoanriedl”, above Bethelhaus” (boulder) Pregarten Foelsensteiner Kreuz” in the forest close to the Aist:
Lane stone, shuttering stones, devil stone, band

05 kms Rauchenoed northern at free city church of pilgrimage hr. Michael, cellulose acetate on meadow: Hollow block

Band with great line (legend!) Schloegen to Eferding near to the Danube

Beautiful gold (municipality):
on the Rauhenederberg in forest proximity: One settling stone with cross on the summit gentleman God seat Muerrwald on hill: Band and seat stone waiter village: Sacrifice stone and on the Phyrn hr. Leonhard on church rock hard luck oilstone hospital: in sub-church = rock plate (early heath temple)

Hr. Agatha on Danube close to the Schloegener wind:
Church open before Christian cult place and raven stone

Steyregg (municipality):
in the case of Plesching: Rolling stone and Gruberstein” pfennig mountain (pfennig = goddess): 2 peak, in between 2 Fennestein (durch crawling stone), 1 bowl, 2 caves hr. Florian: Pen with oil get: Circling ditch plant 5000 of Chr.

Hr. Georgenberg in Micheldorf church/rock cloister (residue of a roman temple), Teutates mountain sanctuary

Lithic creek on the Attersee at Andrew church earlier: Heathen temple and medicinal spring

Hr. Leonhard at free city (municipality):
Wimberg/forest hill: gigantic shuttering stones west after hr. Leonhard: old pilgrim path leads through 2 rocks (rock niche &. sacrifice bowl) over the church: Sermon mountain = Calvary with 2 shuttering stones Masch/Haiderberg with countless ones (=Heidenberg!) sacrifice stale ones Haslach: many shuttering stones and 1 cursing stone Stifting: many shuttering stones duke ridden bitter erg: coming at strass from south: Excavations with some sacrificing scarfs Herzogreith: hard luck oilstone roe deer mountain initially late sacrifice scarfs: Pampferlus = sacrifice scarfs in heart form in the Aisttal in the case of Riedlhammer: Moench” in the Stoanhoelzl: Lord stone for mystic death (hollow stone)

Hr. esker forest:
Menhir during hrs. esker forest and/or. Amesreith: 220 cm high and 220 cm broad. The situation of the menhir is direction Bruckanger (he is not here far from the street in a spruce forest).
Hr. Radegund on the to the holy one Salzach church of pilgrimage Stephan, grave of Franz Jaegerstaetter

Hr. Stefan on the forest Stefanstritt in the near Puerwald (lane stone): Druid stone, giant stone, devil stone, woman stone, man stone hr. Thomas on the bladder stone:  Buckwehluckn:
Are a pagan cult site the so-called bladder stone, a gigantic, almost round, rock which is also designated as a phallus stone is. The old cult rock is Thomas opposite the church of hrs. on a big boulder, to the one on a staircase climb up. The block is divided by the famous column: a durch crawling stone. In the narrowest place, the slit is so narrow that people increased only normally come through. One tells that it would already occur, people corpulent dasss got stuck and be contained from the fire department must. That durch crawling stone is as beneficial. By touch with the stone revered as holy, one expected health for body and soul. In such a way, he was mentioned "Bucklwehstein" because he should bring Linderung especially in the case of pains on the back. In the worn out places control one discretion, how many people itself here take durch squeezed may have. The cultic sense was lost to a large extent today and it is regarded as a merry people custom to squeeze itself through the Lucke. But it does not go without touch with the stone."(Jantsch, Franz, cult places in the country upper Austria & salt castle, the Unterweitersdorf 1994) Bucklwehluckn: Durch crawling custom (with sat- and resemble: Solar transition) castle stable: With sacrifice stone Augenbruendl with Steinmarterl in the case of the Naderer agricultural holding cult site gypsy wall:  Stone staircase 2 rocking stones Schwammerlstein” = phallus stone in the case of Himmelsreith: Phallus stone with in the case of the Grossoehlinger seat hollow raking mountain: One settling stone, devil stone, near one that  festering ceric wall ”: Bowl stone, with house no. 29 and 6: much shuttering stone Tannermoor in the mill quarter of ages of cult place

Small sunning stone: to the east set, above seat in the rock over the Calvary (idol armchair): Rock aggravation Midsummer Day stone in Traunkirchen: early odium stone (giant legend) Johanneskirchlein: giant head stone in 3 m of height (early idol temple) sub-white creek (municipality):
in the northeast in the case of chopping stick on the mountain stone wall: Southern devil seat (shuttering stone) 4 kms in the case of Moetlas: One settle stone with cave, seat and bowl south of Moetlas with house no. 32: Stone tower on the nut mountain in the case of Moetlas (shuttering stone): Talauskira = rock mountains with sermon chair and Durchkriechfelsen and sacrificing bowl nanny-goat mountain in the case of hard stick = holy mountain (Geis=keltisch: holy) with cave rope creek with house no. 17: big rocks with sacrifice scarfs strass according to free city to bus stop: Devil seat, near Celtic surging plant Valentinshaft south of Mattighofen Valentinskirche with wolf walk stone (lithic pilgrimage later verchristlicht) (concealed in addition to Kirchtor, key next door at the farm)

Forest beluga:
on the manual mountain: the Schwingende Stein” (inactive rocking stone), above 3 sacrifice scarfs, before then hollow stone Dendlreith 31: 1 shuttering stone, northern: 2 shuttering stones Doerfl no. 5: Hermit wall (boulder: above 2 sacrifice bowls) in the Gloxwald on the street to Danube: One settling stone forest new church band hr. Nikolai on the former hermit house with medicinal spring (Moeslingerhaus) and walled in hollow block (welfare stone) white creek valley between Attersee and Mitterweissenbach along the hell mountains vigour places east of the Attersees wind hedge at Perg niche stone, stage rock and pulpit rock within the castle field wind had silver plated at free city of Januskirche = of big rocks on southern page of the Warschenbergs, cave kind puncture in the rock: Sacristy

Boundary stones to cult places and weather custom (Goda = gate) Moetlas (to the south 1 km at the way edge): 1 Godastein hr. Leonhard (west of - in the case of the Steininger on the Steinleiten): 1 Goda-/Lochstein HOLLOW BLOCKS:
Hollow blocks were used for defense of every disaster which is caused by angry spirits (witches, albums = elves, Mahren etc.).
Grammatstetten: 1 hollow block cherries am in the hunchback world: 2 hollow blocks Poestlingberg in the case of Linz: 4 hollow blocks Rauchenoed (0,5 kms north of the church): 1 hollow block wind hedge in the case of Perg: 2 hollow blocks

Oath mountain: Wolf walk band in the forest: Rock shuttering and headache stone Ettenberger Buehel: some bowl and hermit stones Foelsensteiner Kruez in the case of Pregarten: some shuttering stones good gold: many shuttering stones, hard luck oilstone Harlingsedt: Himmelsbauernstoan Haslach cord mountain Kaltenberg: many shuttering stones, phallus stone, hard luck oilstone cloister Kremsmuenster: Sacrifice stone rumble esker village with house no. 25: Woman stone with water (shuttering stone) love gold: much Schalen-/ and Opfesteine St.Leonhard on the Wimberg: many shuttering stones, Pechölstein,Wetterstein hr. Thomas: many shuttering stones near sub-white creek: many shuttering stones near forest beluga: several shuttering stones

Lane stone Rupertstein in Kopfing on the creek raven stones in the case of hrs. Agatha in the sow forest lane stone piper stone compared to pen Engelhartszell devil stone Penzenstein over the piper stone  drop esker"means to lane stone head, peak, top / Celtic cult place to lane stone and to devil stone to devil mill in the case of Haslach (Kindlstein) at royal meadows devil stone on the Danube bank in the case of Viechtenstein devil stone at dog village on the way to the dog mountain devil stone at free city devil stone in the case of Hollerberg devil stone at raking mountain devil stone in the case of hr. Stefan devil stone in the case of bath Leonfelden devil stone in the case of Neufelden devil step in the case of Enns devil step in the case of Julbach wolf walk stone with Kremsmuenster (old street after Linz on the forest edge)

Celtic sacrifice altars or oracle stones with rising proximity to the cultic cleaning Andorfer old maid stone (?) at warping thing on the church mountain learning Zen stroke (?) raking mountain in the case of Perg (inactive) lithic cult, nature park   adder wild boar old maid stone (acting) in the case of Peuernbach hr.Thomas on the bladder stone, market 26 (inactive) puncture menhir forest beluga (inactively) other stones:
Menhir with connector.esker forest hermit stone at Dimbach grocer stone at Arnreit sacrifice stone with waiter village - beautiful gold cult stone in the case of Amesreith - love gold stone brothers on Danube at Untermuehl devil church in the case of Niederkappel stones in the case of Sarleinsbach 3/count gold devil church on emptying into the Danube sacrifice plate the small Muehl with trust church Lederer Geis at the way of Gundertshausen to Haselreith Langer stone ” at Klein-Schoeneben Pflueglschmitten” = lithic altar, pile nth home with smoke bore lithic cross at bath crosses cuddling/moonstone in the case of Wetzelstein (rock group on meadow), in front of it sacrifice scarfs further medicinal springs:
Brunnenthal hazel creek with brown gold (toothache, Kopfweh,Epilepsie)