Strength places and cult places in TYROL - AUSTRIA

Arzl in the Pitztal sacrifice stone / east wind stone Celtic Thingstaette

Dormitz municipality Nassereit Santa Claus church / church of pilgrimage - light appearances

Woman fountain agalmatolite

throughput of planetary lines

Snow in the brawn valley church of pilgrimage with milliampere ria auxiliary picture

Grossarl Heidenloecher flight caves of the heaths

Saint blood in the Moelltal hr. Vinzenz: refine energetic radiation fields, planetary line and water vein Bricciuskapelle: Place of rest

Diamond cheer gate oratorio/Holy Cave, cosmic insolation stars gate, planetary lines

Imst Obsaurer Burschl Calvary:
An ancient cult site is on the tip of the Calvary. Already in the 5th century, one of the oldest Christian buildings Tirols originated here with the Laurentiuskapelle.
The „Bergl forms the center of the paschal event in Imst during the entire Easter week. Too on the Maundy Thursday and on Good Friday, believers wander over the atmosphere full rock from the area in the center of Imst. Past at seven shrines, that suffering of God represent son, move forward one for itself in the direction of plague band.


in the Kaunertal church of pilgrimage to 1300 m with medicinal spring height. the grace band which became built over the cult stone is at the church. The Mother of God statue was according to the legend in one Gestaudacht” found, that is in a scrub on a stone on that granule grew that however the cows did not eat (=Hinweis open before Christian lithic cult).

Country corner in the cities hurried Perjen on the so-called idol field, a plateau between Inn and the defection of the punch mountain, were small figures found so that one can go out from that, that it itself here around a before Christian cult place acts.  
Too the so-called Burschlkirchl or Burschlkirche points at a cult place. Is a flat hill here on the utmost top at the Delta of the Sanna in the Inn.

The sacrifice rams - the inhabitants of Virgen lead procession in the Virgental every year on the day (Osttirol) before white Sunday and embossing installments the procession to the church of pilgrimage milliampere ria snow in upper walls through, with that they a adorned with ribbons and flowers, un cut and know washed masculine lithic sheep may carry along: the so-called "sacrifice ram".
This animal is set up for embossing installments by the parliamentary parties of the municipality eight years in each case long from the parliamentary parties of the municipality Virgen and for a long time five years. The parliamentary parties may instruct a ram fastener that carries out the extensive maintenance operations on the extremely beautiful animal a year long and instead receives a financial indemnification. The ram has specific willow privileges and can move quite freely in a cool feed house. He is never cut the whole year through (why that pour his wool after a year 30 - become 50 centimeter long ist!), since 1920 instead but washed often ... goes through the sacrificing ram procession to the church of pilgrimage milliampere ria snow:
The ram is led from the ram fastener there three times around the high altar - a "ritual" which did not change themselves since the time of the procession after Lavant. The ram then assists the "asking and thanks divine service" in the church room. To the fair, the drawing by lot of the ram occurs on the pre-place of the upper bricklayers church. While the animal was put up to auction at former times - partially. to "American", with a concealed alarm -, it has been usual the drawing by lot since the 80er years. Since 1999, it has still occurred on the same day from procession and fair. The net profit from the lot sale becomes the Gaenze for renovation and maintenance works on the church of pilgrimage milliampere ria employed snow. There are itself since in 1986 too the renovated original of the Votivbilds addressed already: In baroque representation show it the divine trinity, milliampere ria and Josef, the procession of the believer to that lava nth Kirchbichl with its two churches and - representing a fabulous tradition - the fight of the ram with the scythe man.

Lienz - the Celtic Aguntum

Keypunch ground the origin of the church of pilgrimage is the subordinate grotto (legend).

Sanctifying tree ground Nauders at country corner - at the eastern slope, south of Nauders.
Archeologist presume here a before Christian cult place.

Hospital matron valley devil stone on the way of length field via fire to castle stone to 1400m height - at the way of Oetz to the Piburger See shuttering stone - cliff with Bildstoeckl, next to it boulders (=1 shuttering stone) shuttering stone - Hochsoelden / Hildesheimer hut, near Granbichl, one comes to the Eggele: Shrine with holy Leonhard in addition to belay with scarfs and cell shuttering stone - at the way to the cheers join bay hut before 1st cable support is a reddish boulder in east wind direction at 30 bowls of bowl stone - at the way of humidity to the ox head: of the plashing house direction ox alm is compared to the alm a stone with small scarfs and rock drawings altar stone / sacrifice place - at the Pillersattel south of country corner

Oetztaler places of findings archaeological alps

Pfaffenhofen on the hill already became settled in the case history, a church was uplifted there later.

Pinswang cave castle shuttering stone, rock crack un gene, cult cave

Our Serfaus at country corner Wallfahrtskiche might love woman in the Wald”

Tarrenz eastern, with km 7,35 on the slope to the creek, below the street dike, there were archaeological finds those indicate a woman sanctuary.

Volders Church lithic cult: Stone of obedience

Voels cult objects of the church of pilgrimage are the Blasiusstatue (patron for necking sufferings and cattle illnesses) and a black bronze cross.

A roman fortress was on the Martinsbuehel sooner Zirl and one earlier Christian church. Today: Martinskirche.
In the Martinswand, emperor Maximilian was saved by a Engel” from distress in the mountains. He instead had a memory cross set up
che Thingstätte