Strength places and cult places in STYRIA - AUSTRIA

Bath gold lake:
Salting stove cave:  cave sited at approximately 2000 m with old stone temporal fireplaces and lithic and bone devices from that all 65.000 between and 31.000 v. Chr

Blumau oldest oak of Europe tree sanctuary flatten gold at the with church of pilgrimage Hochlantsch Schuesslerbrunn Quellheilgtum milliampere ria assist

Fernitz of one of oldest sanctuaries Celtic hill graves woman mountain at Admont Hafnerberg / Noestach hollow block, menhirs, bearing stone, Seeben-Stein” (sacrifice stone), durch crawling stone, lithic rings, SEBA sanctuary, tree sanctuaries hard mountain Tumuli at cult bowl quay village earth stables cult caves child mountain sacrifice altar Roman stone:

Lithic cult Knittelfeld:
Cuddling dot stone and Frauenbruendl:
Lithic settlement in the city centre: On August 1st, 2004, the new cuddling dot stone was activated in Knittelfeld at the main place. This cuddling dot stone should anchor the new heart point of the city and stands for the unit of the city, economic growth and good relationships. He was put after Celtic ones and taoistischen natural laws to a specific energetic sub-structure and at the 1st August 2004 from the expert for Feng Shui, Taoism recognized worldwide and naturopathy prof. DR. job entry subsystem T.Y. Lim activates.

Culm of Celtic grave mounds and Celt museum Lafnitz hollow block milliampere ria green near Graz woman cult place milliampere ria cell / pilgrim way old new mountain

Milliampere ria cell:
Falcon gorge with milliampere ria cell:
The region is an old opening sort with 3 cult places.  The first one begins lot parking, the second at the "iron gate" and the third on entry to the gorge at the source in addition to that. Especially at the "iron gate" can measure intensely one the change of earth vigour immediately after the small flow bridge erspueren or too with a rod or pendulum.
Furthermore, the Nixhoehle (cave) is within the gorge. The order of the cave is reminiscent of the womb of a Frau(!). The entry is very narrow, she is a little larger in interior, at the back left and right of diagonal walks leading upwards (unfortunately, the right was bricked up from the Alps association). One wanted to no doubt prevent the simple entrance to the system of caverns situated above. It becomes told that initiation rituals were carried out in caves situated above and may be. This is now no more possible without climbing outfit (there are still entries in the wall). The entry on the peak is also walled up. Experienced Hoehlengaenger can the very narrow entry further to the left oben use as a entrance (recognizable by a red number at the Fels). Without the corresponding outfit and experience, it is to however be advised to get in larger caves.

The falcon gorge is geographic to the south from Tuernitz, east of Annaberg. Approach is only possible via Tuernitz-Auhof. From the lot parking, it is still footpath approx. 30 min up to the gorge entry.

Milliampere ria cell:
Triumphing mouth mountain with milliampere ria cell:
Close to of milliampere ria cell sit in state on highly jutting out rock that chapel on the Sigmundsberg that is called simple only "origin" in the vernacular. Centuries-old belief stably indeed, that the grace place milliampere ria cell the small mountain church its origin owe:
For this purpose, the following history was handed down:
In year 1157 began the dept the pen hr. Lambrecht next to it, to win the northern Styria through a capable belief messenger for the Christian lesson. Therefore, he sent one of his most courageous one into the forest rich fringe area for monk, for that except for servants and horse nothing with itself took as one wood carved Marienstatue, that it was it dear and expensive.
Milliampere gnu, the order man was called like this, gathered truly for the task the abbot always in northern direction, right through meadow reasons and deep forests because streets or too only ways, was there in this field then not yet. Lasting for days hit they no only people, and the pious padre took in worry: because the foods which the young servant had taken along were almost used up.
The monk an evening at last saw a light in the distance and showed it delighted his companion that led the horse. On a steep, stony path reached one the both ones according to much trouble half of collapsed ones castle in that a robbery knight lived.
The good monk trusted the friendly welcome of the robber and felt thankful for so long time in rest and safety. Nevertheless, he did not let the Marienstatue that he had winded into his coat from the eyes, yes he mostly also hotted up the pace his hand on it. No doubt, the robbery knight noted that and thought it, a very rare treasure might be had to have been concealed it in the inconspicuous wrapper. And he took the plan to murder the two other pilgrims like this
He went to a wall mounted cabinet with this fixed intention, pulled out a dagger dragged sharply and barked at the monk: "Give me without contradiction your treasures there - or you are the Todes!" there understood milliampere gnu, into which hands he had taken! But he took themselves rapidly, looked fearlessly at the miserable knight, did the coat apart and lifted the statue the greedy robber towards. That called disappointed and still with soft reverence from: "Milliampere ria!" and then was it very quiet a while in that shudder castle room. The robbery knight at last said: "I see who you are and you want what in our region. You are in my peace and I want to do you nothing in harm. However leave on the place my castle, so that my journeymen do not encounter you with me!"milliampere gnu and his farm hand only followed too gladly this request. Rapid stepped down they us looked up in half mountain top her horse that they had laced there to a tree. DA also wanted they the night over may remain. They placed themselves in tender moss to raked and immediately fell asleep soul calm. However, the monk heard a dear woman voice soon after midnight, that beggingly asked: "Milliampere gnu, be on - however schnell!" he awoke and lifted the eyes in order to detect the Ruferin DA would float before his look milliampere ria with the child in the arm, sitting on the crescent and surrounded by small angels. The Madonna was so of breath-taking beauty, that milliampere gnu it only looked and looked and every other over it forgot. Milliampere ria however spoke insistent: "Fast rapid - take my portrait and geh!" it disappeared over the forest peaks with these words. The monk woke his companion and since the morning already dawned, they reached rapidly the foot of the castle mountain down.
The robbery journeymen of the knight had their cave here however; and when one of them caught sight of the two pilgrims, he called the other robbers from sleep and at once pursued ones all the fleeing one milliampere gnu. That indeed had already a capable margin - however, which fright: a powerful cliff which getting on made impossible was before it at the same time! The monk lifted the Marienstatue desperate ski and spoke a heart intimate prayer.
A crash and a resentment went through the rock there and a narrow column opened itself - currently only broad enough, that milliampere gnu could pace! Of there reached he with his companion to a long, from green forest mountains um tend valley in that several of these received him with glad astonishment for Hozfaeller. In her middle felt itself milliampere gnu almost so domestic that he decided to remain in this field At his request, the inhabitants of the valley built a small, wooden cell in which he set up its miracle employed Marienstatue on a tree stalk. This was the birthday of the grace place "Maria in the cell" - short milliampere ria cell!
Source: Tourism advertising milliampere ria cell

Wild Meadow cult hiking way with hollow block, globe-shaped tree, holy spring on the game meadow where Rosseggers forest home with that Poellauer nature park and the Joglland where meet, is however there also a great number of places, for itself say weave cult stones and legends may arrive. A wandering way to existing was called, the the Besiedelungsgeschichte of the area that customs, the old cult sites as well as the legends and legends describe and explain - just a cult hiking way.
Number 24 is not only symbol pregnant, she is also the number of the stops which give information about specific topics along the cult hiking way. Begun from the Besiedelungsgeschichte, the puzzle of the here as numerously available hollow blocks, the heidnisch-keltischen customs up to the topics devil and hexene, were daft itself the topic arch this hiking way. There are numerous seat occasions which invite the hiker and the observer to staying and the "In-sich-kehren" beyond.

Murtal influence of planetary lines

Sigmundsberg with milliampere ria cell holier mountain

St.Anna on the Masenberg
Bruendl (holy Spring)

Place harrow near Graz Andritz original source Lorberquelle (spring - old source sanctuary)

Hr. Kathrein on the blanking stone Katharinenstein lithic cult / medicinal spring

Hr.Radegund:  Holy mountain Calvary

Strallegg Mannstein lithic cult place

Strallegg dead man TOTA-MAGOS calls people field / germanische Thing-place   placing
end ”:
At the way crossroadses von Stralleg, before gold, rats, Miesenbach and low cell, on the old Roman street, queues up a small band. As told below this band one, should be a penitent. This in olden days wanted with his wife of Hungarians on the knees one pilgrimage according to milliampere ria cell may open. But on the way the man became sick and passed away in this region. He was buried by compassionate farmers. They constructed a small band over his grave later. One can speak with the devil there in the night of the 5th onto the 6th Jaenner at midnight, if they call three times one whose for names. The woman of the late penitent further wandered according to milliampere ria cell; but too she succumbed the strains and died in the Muerztal close to the small town free nth The region is also called since then dead woman there.
Realities ”:
Looked at more closely of charts it strikes that there are amazingly many fields the „-dead man man  hot. Around many of this, the stated above might locate tell itself to slim ones as flat. However the opinion that a shrine was constructed only because an unknown man at this point died and this therefore „-dead man man  are, appear unfounded. With „-dead Mann-Fluren following always is to be encountered: Broad, slightly attainable height tips are it with long panorama where many streets encounter. If one analyzes the two words of the hall name, it turns out that TOTA squeezes out the most recent form of the Celtic word TEUTO for people/tribe. The second word „Mann is to the Celtic MÖGEN ESKER, the field to restore Accordingly, TOTA-MAGOS is called people field. In this way, that place which the Germans called Thingstaette is meant. At this place, the free men of the surrounding villages met for deliberation. Right was spoken here, tribe decisions occurred here, however, cults were also celebrated here and sacrificed to the Gods.
The roman historiographer Publius Cornelius Tacitus (reported by Germans around 55 n.Chr.), - and we can also imagine the Celtic rituals similarly - that they itself to an annual board in a „-saint shark  hit, that they only with enthralled hands entered in order to prove their humility to the Gods. From verbal traditions, we know that a big hollow block was at that place, where aller combine streets. Menhirs (hoh Stein e die aber dem Strassenbau weich muss were also set up along the streets. Space the show to an important one before Christian cult place there.
Source: Johann creep, Oststeirische people legends &. house histories, field creek (1992)

Room mountain: Old chestnut

Fishing creek devil stone earlier temporal calendar and astronomical bearing
instrument the legends about weave devil stone form the top of a rounded mountain top into the fishing wild boar alps.
The devil stone forms a geometrical model of Pythagorean triangles simultaneously with the Koenigskogel and 4 churches, das not by chance as result knew ”.
Way description: Schanzsattel Muerztal via S6, departure child mountain - stamp - is best the devil stone of the cell cross, to achieve.
Footpath of the cell cross approx. 45 mins, from the Schanzwirt approx. 1 hour.

Dead mountains in the Hoell (at the boundary to OOE) rock crack un gene, lithic cult, lithic art the rockfall field of the "Hoell" is in for instance to 1300 m via Spital/Pyhrn between the walls declining steeply sea height the stub reject treetop and the black corner. In the fall 1957 were during bordering revitalization works crack un gene found at some rockfall blocks. The first scientific Begehung occurred in 1958.
13 video rocks, further at the surrounding slopes are in the valley depression. Single sculler of the most prominent scratching sign rocks of the Hoell is the "Durchkriechstein". A fall block leaned to a normal wall yields a narrow transition, at its beginning and end figures and signs they were scratched into that rock.
The "Hoell" is regarded as one of the most important rock video occurrences in Austria too today.

Weiz Kulmberg Celt village

with light rail motor tractor laugh heath temple cult cave hunters and collectors of the late Old Stone Age would leave the up to now oldest relics of the human being in the room light rail motor tractor laugh. In a half cave on the Zigoellerkogel, lithic tools and animal residue which are dated into time around 18.000 to 12.000 before Christ were detected.
The heathen temple, a cave in the Zigoellerkogel, was used probably as a cult site at the Roman time - a Mithras sanctuary is presumed here - unfortunately, the rock reliefs unique in Austria are destroyed.
The qualities full Roman stones also offer themselves for a visit at the parish church of Piber as well as the museum of the city light rail motor tractor smile with a selection of interesting find objects from light rail motor tractor smile and environment.Salzofenhöhle:  auf zirka 2000 m gelegene Höhle mit altsteinzeitlichen Feuerstellen und Stein- und Knochengeräten aus der Zeit zwischen 65.000 und 31.000 v. Chr