Strength places and cult places in LOW AUSTRIA  - AUSTRIA

Darkening stone forest
dead woman
Celt stone in the case of Gerolding
lithic ring in the case of Geyersberg

Harrowing castle - count mountain - Stoitzendorf:
Feenhaube” or  Fehhaube ”:
= megalithic observatory and Kogelberg
The place of the fairy bonnet shows as typical features earlier small grew trees those anomalies of high earth vigour show.
The polarity to the feminine stone Feenhaube” is a rock - der Waechter” - rock on a hill standing that on one high may arrive is.

Falcon stone castle Schanzboden: celtic rampart plant

Large beautiful gold Wuenschelrutenweg

Large Gerungs:
Rocking stone and throat band in the Pierbichlwald
on the way to the throat band are itself this rocking stone. He is 24 tons one can bring heavily to us to wobbling from a human being. He lies in protection before scent and an ideal expansion sort is.

Nature park block heathen the block heath in Gmuend
on the one hand, invites, strength to may refuel in this wonderful silence and rest or else in the information center and observation tower or too practised in the geological free light museum more via the origin of this nature park.  The observation tower gives an insight of breath-taking beauty onto the Gmuender bay with its natural jewelry.
Too via the Geburt of the Wackelsteine”, there is much too practised block heath in the nature park.  Most different hiking ways lead to rocking stones, lithic giants and former quarries.
Moreover, the Hubertuskapelle lies in the center of the block heath close to the observation tower at the blocking heath pond.
--> much more among

Leodagger - group gold calendar stone in Eul/call forwarding

Litschau - Schandachen - Saass devil stone, rock group 3 brothers in the neighbouring place of Litschau - in Schandachen - be itself the devil stone. 
Litschau direction Hoermanns --> at the local end of Litschau to the right, turn --> Weiter ride until the start of place of Schandachen --> a country lane (hiking way 14) branches off left --> a big Restling stands at the end of this way. In the case of the Restling past and further into the forest. At the end of this small forest, one finds the devil stone on the right page.
Unfortunately, there is no description to this stone.
Duration of the excursion from the start of place up to the rock group of approx. 20 min the rock group 3 Brueder” is to be found near those gladly serve as a resting place. Also go here at the local end of Litschau to the right of direction Schandachen - however, pull in immediately into a narrow street to the left (direction Saass). They labeled achieved after approx 1 km one that place that is found directly at the right street edge.

Milliampere ria three oaks tree and source sanctuary the three virgins milliampere ria Taferl sacrifice stone and menhir - cult place of the three Bethen (betel pepper woman footpath)

Rochushoehle (holy cave)
In the southern flank of the western back of the Dietrichhagriedels north of Grossreifling. Marked entrance way. Pull out 22 m, height 12m. From leveled entry enters one via stages and through an entry extended artificially one cave room that is arranged with an altar as a devotion place (HYDROGEN Rochus). A staircase leads to a small platform of which one achieves the spacious, rear part of the cave increasing steeply. At the western page of the Portales, a narrow average outgoing quality lying a little higher that is attainable from the pre-place as well as the cave interior through wood footpaths is formed by a rock pier (average outgoing quality stone - according to old people belief cure of illnesses) (hard man, HYDROGEN and SHALLOWS, the caves of low Austria, band 3, Vienna 1985) lunar caustic and 3 hour way Oberwoelbling sieve landmarks Perchtholdsdorf lithic ring Sunday mountain pine, stone, sacrifice bowl / close note stone

With 5 corners connector strass stone. esker forest riding stone big north of Ybbs heart stone, death's-head moth and kite stone, the rocking stone and the stone Kornmandl Kracking: Stone / Peter ride of the gold advice mountain waiter village- milk: Wasenkogel cirque places: Video pine weasel castle: Earth stable / Schlattenbauer Amaliendorf: Rocking stone trust stone Frenchman stone red agricultural holding: Sacrifice stone with bowl Unterwaltersdorf: Hollow block Steinakirchen: Nursch Perchtholsdorf: Lunar caustic bands: Red cross new fishing mountain: Lithic plant

Large Gerungs -  strength arena ”:
Lithic pyramid
The heart of the Kraftarena big Gerungs” is the round lithic pyramid
in the midst of the high forest at waiter new pen. Pyramid the 7 m high is unique in central Europe. The geomantischen lines arranged in star shape make this place into a special strength place. The origin of the lithic pyramid and its specific determination are up to now a mystic puzzle.
Two raised observation points allow a good visual angle onto the object protected by a fence. Footpath: approx. 1,4 kms of the lot parking

Weighing gold: Cross stone

Heathen empire stone:
Cult stone
fiddle stone shuttering stone Grosspertholz: Bear head glacial yarn: Kolomanstein angel burst: Wart stone Radegudenstein: Sacrifice stone southern city: Menhir count mountain: Pyramid stone

Lithic cross with tree Swede cross Christopherusstein steel Poelten:
Belfry Kauzen: Scorpion stone Kollmitzberg: Yew Zwettel: Freedom stone / ratchet screwdriver agricultural holding Scheibbs: Capuchin church - 2 old limes Achau: High stone Zoebern: Lithic ring Saeusenstein on Danube: Cloister bullets new nail mountain: Shuttering stone - Pumperskirche Schmidatal-Pulkautal on the street of Roseldorf according to is flat: