Strength places and magic places in Carinthia - Austria


Diex: Zauberkogel

Dellach in the Gailtal on the Gurina: Celtic temple and sacrifice place

Duel prechristian church

Boar stone norisch geomanitic schoolway

Far village at the million did sea strength places

They caught:
Cult cave oldest limestone cave carinthias Stone Age finds

Gurk: Hemma stone convent - before Christian cult site - holy Hemma: Successor of sovereign Noreia

Hemmaberg: Much earlier Christian churches Rosaliengrotte - Celtic source sanctuary on the peak old Rosalienbruendel

Innernoering: Cult stone

Cirque castle plateau:  Resonance place temporal Besiedelung - grave finds - the name Carantani for Kaerntner or Carantanien for the country come FROM:
Cirque castle - prince stone

Luschariberg: holy mountain

Magdalensberg: Celtic cymbal Kelto-Roemische finds - Isis-Noreia Heiligtum on the peak - church was earlier the hectolitres. Helena consecrated

Maria-Lungau surging ride sort

Million did before Christian cult place - Mille Statuae = 1000 statues

Mirnock / Gschriet

Rohnsdorf in the Glantal:

Selpritsch: Shuttering stone

Stellar mountain west of Velden/Woerthersee - plateau - shuttering stones

Hr.Georgen: Marterl

Suetschach: Rain cross

Ulrichsberg old cult place: Noreia and Casuontanus were revered at the peak - in former times:  MonsCarantanus - the mountain Kaerntens

Four mountain pilgrimage

Nine fountains / upper Moelltal coming case sanctuary waterfalls
- 9 watercourses

Wildensteiner waterfall / Gallizien coming case sanctuary

(hectolitre Margaretha, Propsteipfarrkirche) Isis Noreia: Woman slides

Woerthersee: Castle ruin Leonstein

Menhir: Giantess of hrs. Dona
Strength places and cult places in KAERNTEN - AUSTRIA